Thornton Collection

Plumeria grown from seed or introduced by Elizabeth Thornton.


Lemon Drop

Mardi Gras



Texas Aggie

Texas Fiesta

Texas Star

The following table is a summary of the information presented in a color booklet cataloging the Plumeria Cultivars produced by Elizabeth Thornton.

The Exotic Plumeria (Frangipani)

A catalog of Plumeria cultivars grown from seed by the Thornton family – Elizabeth, Sharon and Bruce Thornton, and Bette and Jerry Gips, in Houston, Texas 1979-1994. Of 700 seedlings these new varieties have been named because they have proved to be superior. Cuttings of these cultivars have been widely shared with growers in Texas, California, Florida, Kansas, Hawaii, India, Mexico and Kenya.

NumberNameFloret size (in.)Inflorescence No.Fragrance
1Symphony3 3/46 to 9Sweet
2Mardi Gras35 to 7Peach
3Texas Fiesta3 1/2 – 48 to 10Sweet
4Yellow Rose of Texas36 to 8Nasturtium
5Lavender3 1/2 – 48 to 10Grape
6Snow White4 1/2 – 53 to 5Citrus
7Maverick44 to 7Sweet
8Pink Perfection44 to 7Sweet
9Celebration3 1/25 to 8Citrus
10Sunshine3+5 to 7Lemon
11Angela3 1/28 to 10Sweet
12Texas Star3+8 to 10Citrus
13Rose Red Too4 1/24 to 6Rose
14Courtade Gold4 1/24 to 6Sweet
15Texas Beauty3 1/25 to 7Citrus
16Peaches3 1/24 to 7Peach
17Lemon Drop3 1/28 to 10Lemon
184th of July5 1/24 to 6Spicy
19Mellow Yellow36 to 8Sweet
20Firecracker3 1/24 to 7Spicy
21Texas Sunset3+4 to 6Fruity
22Courtade Lemon3 3/45 to 7Citrus
23Gold Cup3 1/23 to 5Citrus
24Pink Parfait4+5 to 7Citrus
25Gold Dust3+6 to 8Citrus
26Thanksgiving48 to 10Citrus
27Mauve4 1/25 to 8Fruity
28Pina Colado3 1/2 – 48 to 10Coconut
29Jubilee3 3/44 to 6Rose
30Moon Glow45 to 7Citrus
31Lemon Parfait3 3/45 to 8Citrus
32Elegance5 1/23 to 5Sweet
33Memo’s Gold3 1/24 to 6Fruity
34Cherry Parfait3 1/2 – 44 to 7Fruity
35Painted Desert3 1/28 to 10Sweet
36Honeysuckle3 1/2 – 44 to 6Honeysuckle
37Raspberry Parfait3 1/24 to 6Fruity
38Peppermint3 3/43 to 5Mint
39Raspberry3 3/43 to 5Raspberry
40Texas Aggie36 to 8Fruity