Penang Peach

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Penang Peach aka Som Garasin (close), Thai Gold, Thai Yellow, Thai Salmon, California Sunset (close), Som Kalisin, Orange Thai (close). Malaysia

Thick petals, good heavy bloomer. Orange with red bands and stiff texture. Compact low spreading growth. Leaf has a hook at the tip. Red leaf margins. Very sweet fragrance and excellent keeping quality. In the fall, blooms will not be as vibrant.

Penang Peach is one of the plumerias most used in lei making, It is a beautiful flower. It can look differently in different weather. It was introduced into Hawaii from Indonesia where it was discovered. Its origin is unknown except that it is very popular as a lei flower in many parts of S.E. Asia.One of the best characteristics is its growth habit is compact and low to ground which makes it easy for the flower pickers. The fragrance is more lemony than Celadine. 

  • PSA Registration:
  • Color: Apricot-peach, yellow
  • Flower Size: 3″
  • Blooming: Great
  • Growth: Compact
  • Scent: Strong Lemon
  • AKAs: Thai Gold, Thai Yellow, Thai Salmon, Som Kalisin, Malaysia
  • Notes: Heavy bloomer over long season. Easy to root and air layer. Blooms on short branches.
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