Root Hormone

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What is Rooting Hormone? When propagating plumeria using a cutting, it is often helpful to use a root-stimulating hormone. Rooting hormone will increase the chance of successful plumeria rooting in most cases. When rooting hormones are used, the callus and the root will generally develop quicker and be of higher quality than when plant-rooting hormones are not used. While there are many plumeria that root freely on their own, using a root hormone makes the task of propagating difficult plumeria easier.

The key to success with rooting hormone is to use within seconds of taking the cutting. Once the latex starts to harden or stops bleeding the Hormone is much less beneficial. Plumeria will even form roots in water, but these roots are never as strong as those that are rooted in soil using a rooting hormone.

Hormone is a chemical substance produced usually in minute amounts in one part of an organism, from which it is transported to another part of that organism on which it has a specific effect.

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